I'm Same Sex Attracted (Part 3 of 5)

My sexuality began taking shape as I grew into high school and on to college. Everything around me taught me that being gay was wrong. On the surface, I was ready for to fight for my straightness, underneath, I was perfecting the art of hiding from those around me—a skill that way too many LGTBQ people have had to learn how to do. I was same-sex attracted.

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"Chasing Happy" By Ann Lee Miller

This week, I'm engaging a bit of a different perspective on the blog: An example of a non-affirming Christian who, through her book, Chasing Happy, is attempting to engage the gay and Christian communities from a Christian perspective.

Ann Lee Miller, an evangelical Christian, has written a novel centered on a bisexual Mormon who seeks to understand his new life in Arizona. Throughout the work, Miller engages the topic in a way that seeks to genuinely love LGBTQ individuals, while maintaining a posture of learning for the religious theological questions that are surrounding the Christian church. 

In my conversations with her, Miller was acutely aware that her story doesn't capture the majority of the realities for sexual minorities. Instead, she decided to focus on the realities of those closest to her life. Personally, I'm thrilled to see the discussion of gay Christian tensions addressed in such a unique manner!

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