Outcasts Are The New In-Crowd

Growing up, we somehow believe that "fitting in" is what leads to our success in life. However, as they get older, the lucky few recognize the paradox of life: The people on the outside are often the influencers. This week, I had the pleasure of dropping by the Board Blazers blog to speak to The Outcast.

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In Love With That Jesus Guy

I've really screwed this Christian thing up at times. In my genuine attempts to care about people, I have attempted to elevate myself to the level of the very God that I serve. Here's to self-awareness and being something different.

Historically speaking, I’m what Christians would call a “church brat.” The typical church brat would be defined as the kid who was physically in the church for inordinate amounts of time, usually as a result of a highly involved parent(s). Sometimes, partially in my case, these kids are affectionately referred to as “pastor’s kids.” However, I probably gave new definition to these somewhat cheeky terms. In fact, I embodied not only the physical qualities of this term, but also gave a new face to the solo term: brat.

My typical Sunday morning or Wednesday night involved less of actual church attendance and more of just, well... causing problems. I spent many church services talking under my breath to my friends at a volume that revealed just how unaware I was of my obnoxiousness. If I wasn’t in service, I was off seeking out my dad’s Sunday school classroom to throw dodge-balls at the window to distract him from teaching. If I was in my small group, I was probably distracting the group with side-comments aimed to get as much of a laugh as I reasonably could without being asked to leave. If the group happened to be too focused that evening, it was no challenge for me; that was nothing that a good, loud fart couldn’t solve. 

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