In the midst of his journey, Austin loves the chance to share his own story or discuss LGBTQ inclusion with communities of all kinds. Whether it's preaching, a Q&A panel, a classroom, or a special engagement, here are some of the subjects he enjoys speaking on:

  • LGBTQ Inclusion in the Church Despite Theological Difference
  • From Conversion Therapy to Acceptance: My Journey So Far
  • Sexual Abuse and Sexuality
  • How To Be More than Just A Political Issue: A message to LGBTQ Individuals on Approaching the Christian Church
  • How I've Hidden From The Church and From Gays Alike
  • Gay Marriage in a Christian Life
  • How to Care about Not Caring: The Importance of Caring About Something

For speaking inquires, email hello@betweencommunities.com or submit through the form below.


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