Thank you so much for agreeing to post on Between Communities! It’s humbling to be working a on a project that people find worthwhile and beneficial, so I do not take your guest writing for granted! To make things easier, I’ve included this small list of guidelines and context to help you write a post that resonates with the readers and, hopefully, ensure that is recieves great feedback. If you have any questions or concerns with these guidelines, please reach out!
— Austin Pierce

On Length

Try to aim for somewhere between 800 - 1,500 words. The idea to keep in mind is “brief but descriptive.” Lists, bullets, and creative headers always help make a post more understandable.

On Consistency

It is my goal to keep my messaging on the blog consistent between post to post. Specifically, I try to maintain the following terminologies when referencing issues on the blog:

  • The term “Gay” can be used as a broad term to reference the LGBTQ community
  • When examining sides of theological positions please use the terms “Affirming” or “Non-affirming”
  • The term “Same-sex Attraction” is only used to reference non-afffirming/traditional viewpoints.
  • “The Church” is to express reference to the Christian body of believers.

*As a note: On BC, I hope to encourage theological conversation so I NEVER posit a direct theological argument such as “X side is right.”

On style


If possible, please aim to include about four links in your blog post to relevant sources or points of interest. In addition to the four links in the body of the post, you are welcome to include two links in the bio section.


Please include an image, chart, graph, or any other visual that you think may help make your entry more appealing. Additionally, please include a headshot that can be used in your blog bio.

Between Communities Promotion

I use the following promotion schedule for all guest posts:

  1. Post will be published on Tuesday by 9:00am of the agreed upon week
  2. Email subscribers will receive the post at 3pm (Arizona Time)
  3. Social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook) posts will launch between 4pm and 7pm (Arizona Time)
  4. Please note, all posting content will be at the discretion of Austin Pierce; however, if please let me know if you have suggested quotes to post.

Your Promotion

While not required by any means, I do ask that all guest authors promote their post via their own social media and blog channels, as it greatly increases the odds of relevant readership.

On Promotion

Your submission of a post to the Between Communities blog transfers ownership of the entry’s content to Between Communities. You are free to post the entry on your own blog, but please seek written permission by Between Communities to for publication of the work on other sources.

By submitting your work, you agree that all its content and imagery are property of Between Communities and, as such, is subject to prior approval and editing prior to posting on the BC blog.

On Copyright