It's no question that the theological discussion about same-sex relationships in the Christian Church is vitally importance. What's cool is that the discussion is actually more important than its mere conclusion, as it seeks to ask even bigger questions of the Christian Church. The dialogue asks questions such as:

  • Can same-sex relationships really be God-honoring?
  • Can the Christian Church, no matter what theologies it supports, truly love the LGBTQ person and reframe the idea of "Christian" in the minds of of the people in this community?
  • Can Christian individuals maintain different theological conclusions and still flourish alongside each other or must the Church divide on cultural matters?

As for me, I've chosen not to maintain this theological discussion on this blog, because my interest is mainly in the final question listed above. I want to lean into the idea that a theologically heterogenous Church is, in fact, an ideal to achieve. God created each of us with different minds and has given us different experiences–naturally, this will lead us to draw different understandings of God on this side of eschaton.

Nevertheless, below are a few resources that I've found helpful during my examination of this issue. It's important to note that each of these resources support different angles of the discussion. The views expressed below do not represent my personal theology in it's entirety.

Some Books (of both sides)

In support the general discussion (aka: Affirming and Non-affirming)

Some who support same-sex relationships in the Church

Those who have chosen celibacy over same-sex relationships